Take a culture day

You’re never far from out-of-the-ordinary during a stay at Storsätra mountain hotel. We’re practically surrounded by three national parks that afford unforgettable views from both the Swedish and Norwegian sides of the border—and all are just a comfortable ride away.

But the regional culture is fun to explore as well. In Idre Sameby, Sweden’s most southern Sami village, you can get up close and personal with the traditional Sami way of life, including herding reindeer.

A visit to Valdalsbygget is a must if you’re interested in rural mountain tradition. Take in the charm of an 1830’s farm, have a light bite and buy some of the farm-produced regional delicacies.

A pause from earthly delights might take you to Fjällkyrkan, literally “mountain church”. Services and musical events are held regularly and are open to everyone—more than one couple has married here and taken the reception back to your hotel!

And if you’re looking to do a little shopping, souvenir or otherwise, we recommend a stop at Fjällbua, where you’ll find everything from local treats to sporting clothes and equipment.

There’s plenty more to see and do, and you can explore all your options at Grövelsjöfjällens Turistförening, Visit Idre and Gränslandet.